Marita Ibañez

Visual Artist & Researcher

About Me

Visual artist, researcher, and teacher. Born and raised in Lima, Peru. Based in Ibaraki, Japan. Monbukagakusho Scholar of the Japanese Government. Currently pursuing doctoral studies in Photomedia, Doctoral Program in Art at the University of Tsukuba.

Former founder and Creative Director of Iconografico and co-founder of PickApp, projects part of the 2nd generation of Wayra Peru, Startup Peru, and Ynnovadores. Her projects have been presented in different cities in Peru, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Spain, Colombia, France, the USA, and Japan. Ex-host of the radio program Pasos Cortos, promoting female entrepreneurship, alternative industries, and independent music. Presently researching landscape, migration, and identity and is part of the Time Lab/McLeod Lab research group.


18th Doctoral Course Exhibition

Landscapes might be a reflection of the people that inhabited them. Can we generate connections between histories, cultural heritage, land, and context through art? With the use of photomedia, family archives, and stories, I'm exploring how to rethink the role of landscapes as a space for reimagining transgenerational connections.

Tsukuba Obscura

A Time Lab/McLeod Lab Project. Traditionally, the camera obscura image is upside down. However, with further optical instruments (e.g. the Bonfoton UP), it is possible to right that image. Intervention at the T+ Gallery, University of Tsukuba.

Camera Obscura

A Time Lab/McLeod Lab Project. A camera obscura is an old tool that projects the outside of a room inside. Inside and outside at the same time.


University Of Tsukuba

April 2021 - Currently

Doctoral Program in Art

Posgraduate student at the Doctoral Program in Art, Art and Design Department. Member of the McLeod/Time Lab.

University of Tsukuba

April 2019 - March 2021

M.Sc. Kansei Science

Master Program in Kansei, Behavioral, and Brain Sciences. Member of the Lee Lab/Kansei Design Lab.

Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

March 2002 - July 2008

Bachelor in Arts

Member of the Axis-Arte Research Group.